Celebrating Alan Patterson

Alan Patterson Altar from right IMG_2196Alan Patterson Altar close IMG_2198Alan Patterson Family before altar IMG_2206Alan Patterson Chris and trophy urn IMG_2200

Alan Patterson Readings 1 IMG_2210Alan Patterson Readings 2 IMG_2211Alan Patterson Readings 3 IMG_2214Alan Patterson Readings 5 IMG_2218Readings 4 IMG_2217Alan Patterson Readings Children and Nan IMG_2228Alan Patterson Readings Elizabeth IMG_2232Alan Patterson Readings Chris IMG_2234Alan Patterson Readings Alan IMG_2237 Alan Patterson 3 pastors IMG_2240

Alan Patterson Joan IMG_2245Alan Patterson piano arrangement IMG_2272Alan Patterson Nourishment IMG_1223  Alan Patterson Piper on deck IMG_2247Alan Patterson Catering table IMG_2247 Alan Patterson Viewing pictures IMG_2272  Alan Patterson Group 5 IMG_2306Alan Patterson Marti and CPA IMG_2272Alan Patterson Jim Chris Lady IMG_2300Alan Patterson Jill Paul IMG_2272 Alan Patterson Group 4 IMG_2247 Christopher and friend IMG_2254Alan Patterson Group 3 IMG_2247 Alan Patterson Group 2 IMG_2247 Alan Patterson Group 1 IMG_2247 Alan Patterson George Don Sterling Alan IMG_2247 Alan Patterson George and Son Alan Patterson Couple close IMG_2305 Alan Patterson Jean Chris outside IMG_2364 Alan Patterson Hank Mary IMG_2272 Alan Patterson Joan and Jim O IMG_2361 Alan Patterson Marty Nancy O IMG_2363 Alan Patterson man and woman IMG_2247 Alan Patterson Boy blue shirt IMG_2286 Alan Patterson 2 lovely ladies IMG_2247 Alan Patterson 2 friends IMG_2355 Alan Mother and Son IMG_2354Alan Patterson for website




Alan passed away on June 30 at the age of 85. Please keep his children, Alan III, Liz, and Chris, and their children in your prayers. 
To see more photos of Alan and see him racing with his family, click here http://www.pvgp.org/alan-patterson/