Easter Flowers 2017

Loving contributors to this year’s Easter Flower Fund:

Simone Adams ‐ In Honor of Kyle, Myia, Meisha, Andy and Jeri

Anonymous ‐ A Gift to the Easter Flower Fund

Elaine Aron ‐ In Memory of Bruce Kline

Marti Cermak and Family ‐ In Memory of Dan Cermak, husband, and Herbie Wilkinson, son

Alison Deal ‐ In Memory of Hortense, Sam and Robert Deal; Erin, Jack and Helen Redmond;

Dana Thomas Diggle – In Honor of Noble T. Kidd

Louise Forbush ‐ In Memory of parents, Peg and Walter Forbush, brothers, Bill and John Forbush

Joan and Alan Glas ‐ In Memory of Lois and Laurie Rice; Sylvia and Milton Glas

Mary M. Grogan ‐ In Memory of Aunt Eupher, Grandma and Grandpa Skroch; Grandmother and Grandfather Grogan

Barbara Kerr ‐ In Memory of her mother, Jean Quigley

Brent Kilpatrick ‐ In Memory of Leola and Eugene Hall and Cheryl Kilpatrick

Nancy and Jim Osborn ‐ In Memory of Virginia and Dale Wells; Charlotte and Duke Osborn

Jennifer Seaman ‐ In Memory of Carol Cunningham

Claudia Webb ‐ In Memory of Lucy Ktty

Lee Weldon ‐ In Memory of Craig Weldon and Don Wiebe

Pamela Will ‐ In Honor of my daughter, Nicole Will