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Easter Week 2018

Easter Week at SPC was Transcendent!
Scroll down for photos from Mary Grogan, Jerry Rampleburg, Doc Koc, Robin Sinclair,
Maundy Thursday symbolic meal in the sanctuary and (NEW) Paul’s beautiful description, Easter flower donations list, Paul’s Palm Sunday message, and LOVE

Easter 2018 IMG_0174Easter 2018 IMG_0169Easter 2018 IMG_0197Easter 2018 IMG_0192Easter 2018 IMG_0178Easter 2018 IMG_0189Easter Week 2018 from Don 17 Joan

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Maundy Thursday Intimate Symbolic Meal in the Sanctuary.
Incredible music, deep connections renewed, and a foot washing and blessing ceremony
click photo for larger image

Paul’s beautiful description of the evening, “THANK YOU to Ellie Mowry-silverman, Joe Silverman, Pam Will, Michael Graham, Nancy Osborn, Julie Carlson, Jim Osborn, the Rev. Keenan Kelsey, and our spectacular musicians – Ralph Hooper, Jennifer Seaman, Jill Fugaro, Steve Fugaro and all who helped and attended our MAUNDY THURSDAY LAST SUPPER SERVICE. We sat in the middle of the sanctuary – in the center aisle, where we have never sat before… We spoke of dark nights and waiting for dawn… We spoke of fear and comfort… We washed feel and shared blessings… We sang and listened to a beautiful song that evoked the Quiet Upper Room… We laughed and cried… We broke bread and shared the cup, remembering a night so long ago when Jesus longed for a different outcome, but drew comfort in the company of his ragamuffin friends… Walt Whitman once wrote, ‘We were together. I forget the rest.’ We remember the rest, and we especially remember that we were together, as Christ and his friends were together…”

Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 3 IMG_3026Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 4 IMG_3026Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 2 IMG_3026Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 5 IMG_3026Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 7 IMG_3026Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 6 IMG_3026

We lifted our glasses in love and blessing to ALL

Maundy Thurs Intimate Experience 1 IMG_3026

Easter Flower Donations copy


During his strong and beautiful Palm Sunday message, Pastor Paul includes a moving story of attending Deputy Sheriff Ryan Zirkle’s memorial service and the End of Watch ceremony. If you weren’t able to experience the message in the Sanctuary, this is the next best thing.

Palm Chancel IMG_2978

Palm Sunday, March 25 . A lovely service PLUS a wonderful ceremony of installation, ordination, and blessing of our new roster of Deacons and Elders. More photos and description here: sausalitopres.org/deacons-and-session/

Ord 6 full IMG_2993