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Babel, The Service, Holy Chaos

Wow. Amazing and wonderful service, July 29, 2018. LOOK CLOSELY. Are things where you expect them to be?

Holy Chaos! Helping us think and feel Love in new ways. Seeing each other’s shining faces helped create a feeling of connectedness at a new level. 
#Summer  #Unexpected  #OutsideTheBox  #PerfectAdventureForSPC

Thank you for these photos Don Koc, Beverly Anderson, and Woody Payne. Last photo by Mary Grogan. Click any photo to see a larger version.

Babel, Don 1 Babel, Don 5 Babel, Don 10 Babel, Don 13 Babel, Don 14 Babel, Don 15 Babel, Don 19 Babel, Don 20 Babel, Don 2 Babel, Don 3 Babel, Don 7 Babel, Don 9 Babel, Don 12 Babel, Don 4 Babel, Don 17 Babel, Don 18Babel candles IMG_0469 rbs