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Buddhist Blessings at SPC

So many blessings at SPC.   Nov. 2, 2016 was an evening of deep mindfulness and centeredness with The Venerable Thubten Ngodup, known at Kuten La, Dr. Sonnee Weedn, Sunspire Health, the chanting monks, Pastor Paul Mowry, George and Linda McLaird, and many more friends and neighbors. Our holy space was filled!



Click here to see Dr. Sonnee Weedn’s amazing bio – a deep space travel explorer, both INNER and OUTER space!

2014-present DSR-30 Consortium Committee – By invitation, in conjunction with Fordham University’s inter-disciplinary consortium (affiliated with the Graduate School of Social Studies), consultant in long-duration space travel – psychological aspects of crew selection, monitoring and maintenance of mental health on the flight to Mars projected for 2030




Lama Tenzen’s Walking the Waking Journey, on YouTube in 4 parts


Lama Tenzen visits SPC. BLISS!

Sonnee and Lama Tenzin IMG_0052 Robin and Lama Tenzin IMG_0053