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Celebrating Anne McCormack

A Quiet Force of Nature’s Kindness

A long-time member of our SPC family, Anne McCormack passed away peacefully on Sunday night. She would have turned 76 on the 19th of this month.

Anne bravely battled cancer for a couple of years. Never one to complain, she maintained a perspective of hope and gratitude, measuring her own pain against the greater suffering experienced by others. She remained optimistic unto her last days. Yet, she was not given to denial. In her last visit with Pastor Paul on the day before she passed, she considered that while perhaps another treatment study might be available; if it wasn’t, she was “ready to go.” She was grateful for the good life she had enjoyed. She would enjoy more time, she said, yet she was grateful that at 75 she had lived a long life.

It was a life brimming with love and family — her husband Hal, son Skip, daughter-in-law Jody, and their two boys. Though the whole family are sailors, in recent years she and Hal, married 47 years, enjoyed hiking the open road in their RV. Always up for an adventure, she was happy to return home, too, and home to her church. She was quite clear on Saturday how much she loved her SPC community and what a difference the tremendous love she felt from the church family had made to her.

Her heart was especially filled with deep joy with the arrival of her two grandsons. She loved every moment with them and had filled Skip’s old bedroom with children’s books she loved reading to them, many of the same ones she had read to Skip. Anne was a tireless volunteer for SPC. For the past several years, she was the person who recruited liturgists for Sunday worship, a role she held until this past Saturday. She created the master guide for all those helping to lead services, with instructions and tips on how to have the most impact in that role. Anne had a keen theological mind and a deep and intellectually-fueled faith. At her core, she welcomed the “mystery” of what lies beyond the physical plane.

She is remembered by SPC clergy and laity alike for her deep well of warmth and kindness! Her presence will be missed, but her memory will be everlasting.

Later, we will announce a date and time when we will gather to celebrate Anne’s wonderful life. Until then, please keep Anne’s family and friends in your prayers in these coming weeks. To offer your condolences, write to:

The McCormack Family
667 Bird Court
Novato, CA 94947

We give thanks for her love and friendship over these many years…

From Ralph Hooper, Chair of the Worship Committee:
She was a vital member of our Worship Team, a dear, creative friend to all of us and the faithful keeper of our Liturgists Ministry. The liturgist plays a huge role in our Sunday service and Anne trained and guided each of these critical ministers with love, devotion, humility and expertise.
Our team has lost a great member. Let us remember and feel her guiding spirit as we move forward in the coming liturgical season.