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Celebrating Don Francisco

Thanks Don Speer for sharing this video. GREAT memories!

The curtain with candles behind IMG_2936

Don F Program 1Don F Program 1

Don F Program 3Don F Program 4

Visit to Don Francisco on his 85th Birthday, March 8, 2016. Together we sang, we prayed, we loved each other, we felt blessed.
We liked his caregivers. Left to right, Robin Sinclair, Linda McLaird, Sterling Lim, Don and his caregiver, George McLaird, Marty Hartick, Don Koc

Visit to Don Francisco,George,Linda,Don,Marty,Sterling,Robin

Don Francisco and his lovely caregiversGeorge and SPC CardSinging with Don F on his 85 BDw Steve and Jill

A brief video of us all singing together. Thank you Linda McLaird!

Here He Comes ReadingBirthday card

Choir with Don IMG_0578 Choir with Don IMG_0577

Don is upper right corner, belowBlast from the past, Don upper rt