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Celebrating Earle Smith

A Deacon of the church, a Friend to ALL

Selections from the Celebration, and some additional photos

The Choir offers a really beautiful My Shepherd Will Supply My Need


earle-and-marty-communion-animals10 earle-julie-friend-peek088


earle-joey-don-img_0098 earle-ally-don-joey-img_0103

Steal Away

Paul’s Message


Julie’s Poem



September 4, lovely preparations for a Dedication Service for Earle Smith and Erin Brenner, and Communion. Mary Grogan, thanks for sending these pictures. 

George McLaird describes the service:
George's description of Svc of Ded Earle Erin

Sept 4 iPh Earle and Erin altar IMG_1076Sept 4 Earle, Erin w Paul iPh holding cup altar IMG_1076