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Celebrating Joan Casey

Thank you Joan and John!  PHOTOS from today, Saturday, May 21, Joan Casey’s Celebration of Life, are posted below. Video highlights from today are coming.

NOTE: all videos play easily from Firefox and Safari browsers, may not play with Chrome browser

The lovely Joan Casey was married to John Watts in 1990 at SPC, with the help of the Rev. George McLaird, the Rev. Dr. Joan Carter, the incomparable Critter Crusaders as ushers, and a full complement of their family and friends. Here are some highlights from that ceremony, 8 min, videotaped with love by Walter Thompson.Turn your sound up.

Here’s John Watts’ blog about Joan http://bellinghamstertalk.blogspot.com

Joan Casey 3 flowers altar photoJoan Casey Roses on piano Georganne, John Watts Joan Casey downstairs 3 table Joan Casey Suz Parsell George Joan Joan Casey Food and tvJoan Casey all neighbors Joan Casey Nick Shirley Joan Mimi Joan Casey Ilya plus two Joan Casey two more downstairs Joan Casey three downstairs Joan Casey two plus downstairs Joan Casey two downstairs Joan Casey four downstairs  Joan Casey Few Neighbors Joan Casey downstairs 2 Joan Casey downstairs 1