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Christmas Vespers, 2014

Poster by Ralph Hooper. Christmas Doors photo, Mary Grogan. Photos by Robin Sinclair, Michael Graham, Shirley Latta
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Inspired and Impressive!  
The 8th Annual Christmas Vespers Concert Dec. 7, 2014 is now widely acclaimed to be the best ever (and drawing its largest crowd ever, too )  The musical selections created a seamless program that was beautifully and exquisitely performed by the SPC Choir, special guest musicians and readers. An SRO crowd (Sitting Right Outside the door, because the sanctuary was too crowded) were warmly welcomed by our ushers and a beautiful and tasty reception capped the magnificent evening. There are many thankful words of appreciation due the numerous people who played a role in bringing this beloved tradition to fruition, and chief among them are abundant kudos to SPC Music Director Ralph Hooper for hatching this brainchild eightMyears ago and for dedicating countless hours to creating the program, including selecting the poetry and readings, and for bringing such a glorious sound forth from our splendid SPC Choir (who rehearsed so many long hours all through the Fall in preparation)

And many heartfelt thanks for all their amazing contributions go to:
— choir: Becky Clark, Glen Clark, Alison Deal, Louise Forbush, Jill Fugaro, Steve Fugaro, Joan Glas, Alan Glas, Janice Graham, Mary Grogan, Christin Hokenstad Kos, Shirley Latta, Jennifer Seaman, Marian Snyder, Mary Van Dyke, and our guest singers: Jay Eickenhorst, and Don Reinhardt (apologies for any mistakes and/or unintended omissions )
— our Christmas decorator, Alison Deal
— our guest musicians, Dan Levitan on harp, and Aaron Clark on guitar
— our poetry reader, Julie Carlson
— our three “Wise Men,” Steven Gustavson, David Hirzel (author), Joe Silverman
— our set up, server, and cleanMup volunteers: Marian Snyder, Shirley Latta, Peter Wright, Kathy Thompson, Jean Patterson, Bill Patterson, Louise Forbush, and Doug Black
— our ushers, Simone Adams, Beverly Anderson, and Earle Smith.

Thank you all for your gifts that were extraordinary and your generous and committed spirit
Red Doors for Christmas 2014Christmas Vespers 2014


Eight years ago, in the fall of 2007, our SPC Choir made a commitment to present an extraordinary service of Christmas choral classics and classic Christmas poetry. That first Christmas Vespers drew a huge audience and a Marin Christmas tradition was born. Each year, on the afternoon of the first Sunday of December, the choir has reinforced that commitment with an ever more beautiful, more expert, more inspired presentation of some of the world’s great Christmas choral music.

On Sunday, December 7, at 5 PM, we continued the tradition with a wonderful program of superb Christmas classics old and new. This music is rich, palpable and compelling, touch our hearts and enveloped our souls. We had a large community response, and a strong turnout of our own SPC family. We were joined by the superb harpist, Dan Levitan, and by our own poetry muse, Julie Carlson. We were promised an enthralling Sunday evening. WE GOT IT!

IMG_1709IMG_1720 IMG_1721 IMG_1712

Chrstms Vespers Choir Shirley Latta copyIMG_1713 IMG_1727 IMG_1728 IMG_1729 rbs 2 IMG_1726 IMG_1730 IMG_1740

IMG_1926 Michael Graham IMG_1930 Michael Graham IMG_1929 Michael Graham IMG_1928 Michael GrahamIMG_1710 IMG_1736 IMG_1732 IMG_1739 IMG_1738 IMG_1717