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Easter 2019

Scroll down for Maundy Thursday (and one Palm Sunday) photos, and complete (and lovely) SPC Flower Fund Listing

At 1:39 min into Paul’s Easter message, he has us look around, and we paused and laughed and waved to the 25 intrepid folks
sitting outside, and a woman walking by, then we were mindfully present, sitting in this beautiful place of Peace.

John Watts’ memorial bench for our dear friend, his wife, Joan Casey, was particularly beautiful this Easter morning. 


Maundy Thursday photos, and a Palm Sunday Chancel photo

Photo from Easter 2014

Easter Flower Donations

Easter Flower Arrangement, Diane Jorgensen

Simone Adams ‐ In Memory of Jean Olson

Denni & Rick Brusseau ‐ In Memory of Ann & Hal Locke, Beth O’Boyle, Karen Gilbert and Kim Watson

Julie Carlson ‐ In Memory of Don Carlson

Joan Carter ‐ In Memory of Jack Carter, and Jim & Shirley Brix

Alice Collier Cochran ‐ In Memory of Theodore Sizer (Ted) Cochran, Cally & Alex Cochran, Mary Archer and Edward Collier

Louise Forbush ‐ In Memory of her parents, Peg & Walter Forbush, and her brothers, Bill and John Forbush

Jill & Steve Fugaro ‐ In Memory of Marcia Fugaro, and Louise & Ralph Murrin

Barbara Geisler ‐ In Memory of David Geisler

Alan & Joan Glas ‐ In Memory of their parents, Lois & Laurie Rice and Sylvia & Milto Glas

Janice Graham ‐ In Honor of her mother, Doris Browning; In Memory of her father, Thomas Van Etten, and grandparents, Hiram & Eleanor Groves

Michael D. Graham ‐ In Memory of his mother, Ruth Norwald Graham and his father, Randolph Graham, and brother, Randolph (Chip) Graham

Mary Grogan ‐ In Memory of Grandma & Grandpa Skroch, Grandmother & Grandfather Grogan

Marty Hartrick & Don Koc ‐ In Memory of Emil & Louise Niznik, and John & Tillie Koc

John Hokenstad ‐ In Honor of Marjorie Hokenstad, Christin Hokenstad Kos and Ruby B.Hokenstad

Gloria Horne ‐ In Memory of Ronald Horne

Barbara Kerr ‐ In Memory of her mother, Jean Quigley

Brenda & Bill McKown ‐ In Memory of Chuck Yost, Chuck Maurice, Dorothy Cooper and

Earle Smith

Georgianne & Paul Meade ‐ In Memory of Mable Sabin, Paul’s mother and Eleanor Cauthorne, Georgianne’s mother

Martha Ann Milliken and family ‐ In Memory of Walter & Martha Thomson

Nancy & Jim Osborn ‐ In Memory of Virginia & Dale Wells, and Charlotte & Duke Osborn

Lynne Parode ‐ In Memory of Sabine & Lowell Parode

Jennifer Seaman ‐ In Memory of Carol Cunningham and Jim Deitz

Flora Sommers & Joe Tirado ‐ In Memory of Toni Tirado, Bruno Lorence, and Joseph R. Tirado, and In Honor of Margaret Lorence

Mary Van Dyke ‐ In Memory of Hank Van Dyke

Dennis Watson ‐ In Memory of Cathy Watson

Dee & Larry Whyman ‐ In Memory of Dorothy Carroll, Dee’s mother

Pamela Will ‐ In Honor of her daughter, Nicole Will

Linda Woodbury ‐ In Memory of Kay Whitefield, her sister