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George McLaird and Loved Ones

The worship service September 21, 2014 was deep and filled with loving delight. George McLaird responds to a wondrous celebration
and SCROLL DOWN FOR FAB PHOTOS FROM PATTI OJI. Video of the entire service in SPC Video Library, shot by the Larry and Dee Whyman – thank you! New photos from Mary Grogan added Jan 7 2015, thanks Mary!


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Dear Friends,
Being on the receiving end of yesterday’s service was like being overwhelmed by an avalanche. Not an avalanche of snow and ice that kills but one of love, affection and humor that warms hearts and leaves everyone in a better place.
It came to me during the service that SPC is a nest. A place where one can ‘lay an egg’ but can also ‘lay on spiritual and friendship eggs and hatch new ideas, theologies and 3 AM friends.’ We are truly rich and blessed.
Many, many thanks,
George and Linda

Invitation to the service:
George and Joan
George01 George02 George03 George04 George05 George06 George07 George08 George09 George10 George13 George14  George16 George17 George18 George19 George20 George21 George22 George23 George24 George26 George27 George28 George29 George93 George92 George90 George89

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