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Wow! Such beautiful smiles! Scroll down for a lovely thank you letter from Marti, and watch for some descriptions above photos.
The campers assembled 50 Gratitude bags for homeless/needy persons. They pledged $150 to Active 20-30 Club in Petaluma for the annual Children’s Shopping Spree, for pre-selected underprivileged children. Tom Frazier (my boyfriend) volunteered through his Rotary club in Petaluma to help a child shop. He helped 5 year old Wyatt, the child our campers funded (see photo below). They also made a Gratitude door hanging to take home, to remind them to acknowledge their gratitude.
Alison Deal, Denni Brusseau, Grover Deal, Jean Patterson, Liz Stone, Heather Gray, Kent Eff, Pastor Paul all volunteered to make it a success. Ava Nassiri and Alaia Meyer were CIT ( counselors in training) and were a big help!

Three young men from Oxford who were heading home brought their tent and sleeping bags to donate to needy.  Someone in Sausalito told them SPC was the best place to donate. Our incredible lemonade stand on Bridgeway….. lemonade and cookies were free….. with a good Will offering suggested.  Kids earned $352!a Sausalito Lieutenant  ?  brought a big bag of takeaway containers in for our anchor outs.  She spent 1/2 hour talking to kids…. they were fascinated.

Dear friends,

Where do I begin! It seems like it should be easy, two days with 9 kids ages 5-10!
Our powerful theme “Gratitude”  was received beautifully by the kids on Thursday morning … and the understanding of how blessed they are was beautiful. The best part was how much they wanted to help others!  Paying it forward. From preparing the “Gratitude” bags for those in need in our community, and supporting “Wyatt” in Petaluma get ready for school – it was pure joy!
For me, it is how absolutely perfect it was, when the exact perfect person steps up to share their talents.
Alison (Deal) – you are a piece of art yourself as you share your skills with the kids while making their “Gratitude Signs”.  You make it fun!
Jean (Patterson) – for coming to set up lunch for kids on Thursday, especially because we were short-staffed!
Denni (Brusseau) – the calm problem solver and doer!  In charge of baking cookies and the oven doesn’t work. You found the solution and lovingly involved the kids as if nothing went awry!
Liz (Moskowitz), new to SPC, jumped in like a pro … of course she is a former teacher, so she was comfortable with the active little ones, and assisted them in making gallons of lemonade.
Grover (Dear), deliverer of pizza. and transporter of heavy coolers of lemonade to Bridgeway.
Denni, Liz and Grover, guardians of the littles as they shouted to all, “Lemonade and Cookies!!!”
Paul (Mowry), who greeted the families on Thursday morning, and welcomed the kids to camp…..your presence is always comforting. Heather and Kent providing 23 healthy snacks and lunches is a true gif … food magically appears!  The magic is they have done it for every camp!
Pam (Will), who made sure we had the necessary extra items handy for 18 little hands!
I put together a plan and YOU all made it happen. Thank you for your joy-filled spirits guiding and loving the kids.
In Gratitude.