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November 10, 2013
To introduce the sermon, click here for the wonderful song, Seasons of Love
from the Broadway musical, “Rent:” music and lyrics.
Paul’s message: 525,600 Minutes x 2

June 16, 2013   Father’s Day
Reading: Matthew 1:18-25
Paul’s message: Father,  Where Art Thou’  

April 14, 2013    Kirking of the Tartan Sunday.
Reading: Isaiah 54:4-10 and Luke 10:25-37
Paul’s message: ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’ 

March 31, 2013    Easter
Paul’s message: ‘Living Among the Dead’

February 10, 2013 
Reading:  Luke 5:1-11, Jesus calls his first disciples. Read by Jean Patterson.
Paul’s Message: ‘After You Have It All’
NOTE: Paul begins speaking at  1 min. 49 sec.