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A Joyous Korean Wedding

Korean Wedding Mothers Korean Wedding Lovely Thompson Hall

Even though Bobae and Ji Woong’s minister wanted the couple to marry in Santa Clara where they worship with their friends, the bride and groom
and their parents (who traveled from Korea) held out for the beauty and warmth of Sausalito Presbyterian Church.

So on a bright December Sunday afternoon, a lively and joyous song filled ceremony and Thomson Hall reception for 75 guests finished 2014!

The elegant mothers wore Han Buk, the traditional Korean silk gowns.  The bride wore a princess like wedding dress and changed into a mauve
silk chiffon gown for the reception celebration. Thomson Hall was transformed into a Korean banquet hall with lovely flowers on each table
and the rich smells of Bulgogi, Japchae and Kim chee. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, colorful rice cakes sprinkled with bean powder
were served.

Bobae and Ji Woong will have another traditional ceremony in Korea in the Spring.

Korean Wedding Dec 14 photo-15

Story and pictures by Wedding Director, Shirley Latta