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Kirking of the Tartan 2013

Photo Essay by Miles Lim

The Kirking of the Tartan WOWs Sausalito! A March of Pipers and a Packed Church (Oh Yeah, And The Haggis, Too!)
(from SPINN)

3 Paul and Reporter D7K_3832 A cheerful crowd followed Larkspur’s lively MacIntosh Pipe Band’s pipers Lindsay Hall and Bob Hollingsworth down Bridgeway and up Princess Street until they arrived at the steps of the church. By the time the service started at 10:00 2 Gathering by Saus Fountain D7K_3827AM, over 100 people were seated in the pews, many with plaid scarves, skirts, or small tartan swatches.

Jim Osborn was the lively and entertaining liturgist and Carson Smith helmed the sound board to play Scottish favorites. Ralph Hooper and the choir were in rare form and included special solos by Robin Sinclair and Jennifer Seaman. A moving sermon by Pastor Paul Mowry generated many interesting thoughts from the congregation during The Dialogue. (Best recommendation: John Hokenstad says Rev. Peter Marshall’s books are a Must Read.)

And then came fellowship…and the piping in of the Haggis, with a stirring rendition of Robert Burns’s Address to a Haggis by piper Lindsay Hall, a native of St. Andrews, Scotland. And Chris Yamate, an accomplished piper with the band, entertained us during fellowship with beautiful melodies on her Celtic harp.

1 Bagpiper Bob Hollingsworth 1 D7K_37621a Two bagpipers D7K_3819

Our community was buzzing with excitement! This Kirking of the Tartan service was expertly, lovingly and painstakingly organized and led by Bill and Brenda McKown, Jim and Nancy (“Scoop”) Osborn, with Claudia Webb cooking up a storm, and Carson Smith hanging tartans and helping out every which way he could! Tremendous waves of appreciation to you all!

For the Marin IJ description of the bagpipe parade of the congregation up Princess Street, with a video clip CLICK HERE

For Ann Mahony’s blog post about the multi-talented Jim Osborn, CLICK HERE



Miles Lim has blessed us with his talent and photos of Kirking, April 14, 2013.
(click photo for to view or copy larger version)


4 Pipers and Bill in front of Games D7K_3835

5 Partway up Princess D7K_3862

6 Partway up Princess 2 D7K_3863

7 Partway up Princess 3 w Jim D7K_3871

7a Close on Princess D7K_3873 7b Close on Princess 2 D7K_3879

8 Left piper full in front of SPC D7K_3887 9 Two Pipers in front of SPC D7K_3885 9a Beautiful sign w Tartan D7K_3892

10 Bill and Lindsay Hall D7K_3911

11 Sign, Tartan, Font door group D7K_3909 11a Child wearing plaid and flower D7K_390713 Beautiful Lynn and Paul D7K_3925

12 Lynn Parode as lovely usher D7K_3921

12a Plaids basket D7K_392612b Ralph at organ from below D7K_395013a Love D7K_3983

12c Ralph at organ plus church D7K_3953

12d Tristan and Ellie 1 D7K_3930 12e Tristan and Ellie 2 D7K_3938   14 From front just before procession D7K_3943 15 Procession begins D7K_3957

16 Procession 2 D7K_3959 17 Procession 3 D7K_3960 17a Gorgeous one of Jim D7K_3985 18 Paul smiling D7K_3998 20 Robin D7K_4005 19 Paul and Jim with LOVE D7K_4012 20a Jim with Bob HollingworthD7K_4020 20b Haggis, Lindsay arms out D7K_4039 21 Cutting the haggis D7K_4031 22 Haggis on toast D7K_4043 23 Church with Tartan, blue sky D7K_404724 Church with tartan blue sky horiz D7K_4048

Click here to see the information in the Marin IJ 

Walter-Thomson-at-807-8_18 Jim FAB photo