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MISSION, Leon Mission Partners, Mexico

Celebrating 20 Years of Mission in Leon, Mexico
A delicious Cinco de Mayo (2018) brunch with authentic Mexican menu cooked and served by the Mission Committee, enjoyed by ALL!
thank you to Mary Grogan for the photos

20 yrs Poster IMG_0340 Ceiling, smiles IMG_0332 Joey and friend Paul, Steve, friend IMG_0348 Group at table IMG_0336 In the kitchen IMG_0334 John IMG_0333 Candles IMG_0329 Beautiful table IMG_0338 Ceiling, tables, Ali IMG_0330 copy

Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 8Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 3Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 5 Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 6 Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 7 Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 2  Cinqo de Mayo SPINN 1


Video thanks from the Children of Leon themselves, Pretty cute! (30 sec)

Thank you Mission Committee for a wonderful Uno de Mayo brunch, May 1, 2016. Virginia Flores-Hunter and team made everything from scratch with LOVE! All proceeds went to help the orphanage in Leon to re-build after their fire earlier this year. And Mary Grogan thanks for sending photos for all to enjoy.

Cinco de Mayo 2016 IMG 3Cinco de Mayo 2016 IMG 5Cinco de Mayo 2016 IMG_0651Cinco de Mayo 2016 IMG 2Cinco de Mayo 2016 IMG 4

Update, Sunday April 17, 2016  You can donate now by Paypal or send a check to Sausalito Presbyterian Church, P.O. Box 236, Sausalito, CA 94965, write “Leon Fire Recovery” in the memo line.

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Mission Fire partial for home page


The donations and volunteer work of our church is done through Casas Loyola, a non-profit in Leon, founded by businessmen who wanted to improve conditions for neglected and abandoned children and for indigenous families. Under the Loyola umbrella, we supported two specific programs, Casa Hogar, and Casa Indigena, to which we have given not only financial aid, but also hands-on and emotional support.

Casa Hogar: This program supports over 100 abused and/or abandoned children in 3 houses in and around Leon.  These impoverished “street kids” have the needs of all children: love, spiritual nourishment, counseling, and education, as well as the basic needs of food, a safe place to live, and medical/dental attention.  Our help makes a real difference in the quality of their lives and their sense of self-worth.

Casa Indigena: This program provides transitional housing for indigenous families who have come down from the hills to find work in the city. They are in severe poverty, lack adequate housing, and often lack the skills with which to find work, including the Spanish language. The goal of providing a safe and sanitary community center that could ultimately serve as an outstanding pilot program in Mexico is happening. To date, volunteers have gone to Leon to help build 18 casitas, some off-site housing units, and a training center.

Message from George McLaird, George Marin IJ Sight and Sound
January 10, 2016.

(right) “This is a story about the impact of going to one of our Sausalito Presbyterian Church Missions. This young man is the son of my ophthalmologist. She and her husband, Dr. Shipiro took their family there several years ago. Now, Grant started a non-profit helping low income people get the eye care they need. Plant a few seeds then watch and see what grows.”

December 13, 2015

(below) Flora Sommers and the congregation listen to new letters of Mission accomplishments and activities as a part of Gift of Mission at Christmas (GOMAC).

Gomac Mission photo Dec 13, 15

JULY 26, 2012

Mission Committee member and Camp ‘mother’, Flora Sommers, has returned from Leon, but she is still ‘flying high’.  “Hands down, the best camp, ever!”  Now, admittedly, the committee was concerned because she was going solo.  However, SPC sent her off with Paul leading the “Godspeed” prayers.

There will be much more information, pictures, etc. in the near future, but for now know that there were 60 children attending camp!  Not only was the staff very supportive, but there was also the accidental joy of having three University students from different countries doing research and anxious to help Flora.  They were: Katty, a girl from Italy; Uri, a boy from Brazil; and Zoe, a girl from Germany who was filming and also taught the children dancing.  And so, Flora’s Camp became a truly “international mission”.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and thanks to those who dined deliciously at our Cinco de Mayo Brunch!  The money raised from that meal funded this expedition.