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MUSIC MINISTRY, update 2020

For Homecoming September 2020, we enjoyed a beautiful hymn sung by Jennifer Seaman, featuring Ralph Hooper’s glorious organ. Then Music Director Ralph Hooper conducted SPC’s first virtual chamber choir singing Surely The Presence. This version was preceded by Robin Sinclair singing the same song at George McLaird’s wonderful service when he retired in 2001, “My Cup Truly Overflows.” Both are here, below.

On Sunday July 26, 2020, Ralph gave us a musical service that reminded us of the POWER of music to uplift, to heal, to create joy and connection, and to give us an experience of timelessness, which helps us stay young! Here is his prayer and benediction, and a complete service video which includes some deeply beautiful music. Thank you, Ralph!


Music Director Ralph Hooper, renowned choir director and composer, is an inspiring and gifted musician, organist, and composer who leads the ever-expanding choir in music that fills the church with vibrancy. He leads our excellent choir in an eclectic array of musical offerings that include traditional and modern hymns and choral and instrumental music, gospel hymns, and an array of sacred and secular pieces. Our choir, organ, and piano might be augmented with guitar, sax, banjo, trumpet, harp, and an occasional visiting choir. Other musical gifts take place during the holidays, with a candlelight Thanksgiving Vespers service, followed by a pre-Thanksgiving feast, and a sparkling Christmas Vespers service by the choir and musical guests for the whole community. We are grateful for Ralph’s glorious talent, his leadership, and his heavenly humor.

The SPC choir welcomes and encourages all who are interested to join, no experience required.

Ralph is also active in our wedding ministry, having provided music for over 1,000 weddings, offering the bridal party a wide variety of classical organ works as well as theatrical and film music. 
More Music in Weddings . . .

Grace Cathedral, January 19, 2018 ‘O Magnum Mysterium,’ (Lauridsen)
Sausalito Presbyterian Choir directed by Ralph Hooper. Choreography by Angela Dice Nguyen. Performed by the Move Messenger(s) Dancers: Hayley Bowman and Stephen DiBiase. 

This delightful offering from the SPC choir, Take My Hand Precious Lord, is from Martin Luther King Sunday, 2018

Don Koc leads us, occasionally with his guitar band and the Fallen Angels vocal group, in more contemporary songs (sometimes humorous) and bluegrass-gospel hymns. Or you might hear some old-time favorites with banjo and washboard accompaniment. And as our DJ, he spins CD’s during worship as well, with a gifted accuracy in fitting music to the moment, lifting us up.

And on Superbowl Sunday, Don usually sends us out the door with a rousing rendition of Drop Kick Me Jesus Through the Goal Posts of Life.

Some of SPC’s special concerts have included performances by the Dry Branch Fire Squad, a nationally known bluegrass group, and Slavyanka, a San Francisco-based Russian men’s chorus, as well as visiting musicians and choirs.

Music group for music page

We love our choir! Here are three shining beauties (thanks to Shirley Latta for the photo)

Jill, Louise, Jean P

THANK YOU to the delightful Klamath Union High School Orchestra, welcomed back to Sunday service  April 24, 2016, continuing our passion for excellent music of all kinds to lift the spirit and nourish the soul. Photo titled ‘Cellos and Basses.’ With thanks to Jean Patterson.

Cellos and Basses at SPC IMG_1377

On April 23rd 2017, The Fallen Angels, led by Don Koc, offered The Wailing Jenny’s ‘One Voice.’

Martys Debut Apr 23 2017 IMG_2387

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