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Sunday, November 4, 2012 we were blessed with Paul and Joan sharing LOVE and communion, beautiful choir music, and surprise musical guests Alex Cooke and Ben Vaughn.  Click to listen to an energetic rendition of  Zoo (Spread Your Wings) . . . “You’re not your money or your house or your friends or your car. God made you a superstar!” (used with permission. And Alex is also an artist, click for Love mural)


Visiting youth orchestra spreads joy

Paul comments . . . we were enthralled by the music of the Klamath Union High School String Orchestra. Had we seen these wonderful kids walking down the street in a boisterous group, would we dare assume what beautiful music was inside them? The tears ran down our cheeks as we listened to that amazing tenor voice sing “Con te Partirò” (Time to Say Goodbye). Who do we know, or not know, that walks the road beside us, also with such a beguiling song in their heart? We won’t know until we open our eyes and see.
Click here to watch a short clip of this wonderful moment in worship
(54 sec., click back button when video is finished)

Youth Orchestra Tenor