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Your Choice of Many Ways to Participate


WELCOME to Sausalito Presbyterian Church

A loving and inclusive church where deeds matter more than creeds.

We are a loving, spiritual family, founded on the teachings of Jesus.

We provide a nourishing environment for the spiritual growth of all beings to serve and support others.

We encourage open-minded exploration to understand, embrace, and celebrate the grace of God.

We are a progressive congregation of the Presbyterian Church and a More Light Church.



A Circle of Community

There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of this community of loving friends and family, ranging from coming to church occasionally to being a member. If you think of this group as a circle, we invite you to place yourself where you are comfortable, from outside the circle to the center of the circle.

Some SPC parishioners remain beloved members even though they moved away many years ago. Others are in the center of the circle who prefer not to be members. Some folks come every Sunday and to every event and celebration. Others enjoy coming sporadically. Some people travel quite a distance to get to church. Others drop in when they can.

Just a few of the possible ways to participate:

  • Drop in to hear the sermon and listen to the music
  • Stay for coffee and delicious goodies
  • Meet new friends or just say hello
  • Come to a concert
  • Enjoy a vespers service
  • Come to the meditation and healing group on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 for a stress-reducing hour
  • Sing in the choir
  • Make some cookies or bring food for Fellowship, after church
  • Bring your children to SPC childcare during service
  • Take photos and/or video for sharing on the website
  • Be an usher
  • Call or email Paul to talk about possibilities
  • Hang your art in Thomson Hall
  • Help set up or clean up
  • Serve on a committee
  • Become a member
  • Join the Deacons
  • Become an Elder
  • Check out the What’s Happening page for ongoing fun opportunities
  • Send Robin an e-mail to add other ways to participate  rsinclai1@sbcglobal.net


A number of people are inspired and motivated by the energy and possibilities for spiritual exploration that our new pastor is providing. Paul’s membership classes are ongoing and new classes are being organized.

If you have been wondering what membership might be like, a conversation with Paul is a great way to begin, not to mention a delightful experience in itself. Paul suggests you call or email him at: