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Our Amazing Pastorship:

Rev. Paul Mowry, Pastor Emeritus Rev. George McLaird, Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Joan Carter. And photo of Paul and George with Rev. David Jacobsen

Latest Photo Galleries

    NEW!  ALL SPC YouTube videos in one place, as a gallery   SPC VIDEO LIBRARY (not all videos, but more description)

    ARUNDHATI’s Celebration of Life and her stories
    Beat Cafe, 2018   BLAST from the Past    Blessing of the Animals, 2015
    Celebrating Martha and Walter Thomson
       Celebrating Don Francisco   Celebrating Don Jehling   Celebrating Alan Patterson   Celebrating Earle Smith    Carol Cunningham’s Celebration of Life    Celebrating Rev. David Jacobsen    Celebrating Joan Casey
    Christmas Family Service, 2017   Christmas Vespers, 2017   Christmas Family Service 2016   Christmas Vespers, 2016   Christmas Vespers, 2015
    Christmas 2015, Family Service    Christmas Vespers, 2014    Christmas Children’s Service, 2013, plus

    Easter Week 2018   Easter 2016   EASTER SEASON 2015   Easter Week at SPC 2014  GLORIOUS Easter 2013    Easter Joy 2012
    Getting to Know You, Larry and Dee Whyman

    George McLaird’s Celebration Service photos
    Homecoming 2016
        Homecoming 2015 JOY!      Homecoming Sunday, September 7, 2014!
    Kirking of the Tartan, 2017 
    Luke Kos’ beautiful baptism service PLUS, August, 2013
    Maintenance Is (also) an Inside Job
    Mission, Leon, Cinco de Mayo 2018
    On the Patio, Midsummer Night BBQ 2014 
    Panorama video clip (29 sec.) Alta Mira deck, ending at SPC  (by George McLaird)
    Sacred Celebrations a variety of wonderful ceremonies
    THANKSGIVING Blessings   Today We Celebrate
    WEDDING PHOTO GALLERY    Hank and Mary Van Dyke Wedding

    Ceiling, smiles IMG_0332Easter Week 2018 from Don 17 Joan

    Paul ice cream Joey ice cream Tables rbs

    Facebook Thanksgiving for Don and Marty Joe and Don together IMG_1858 Gomac 3 Dec 17 2017 IMG_2714Kirking 2017 IMG_3711-26 Kirking 2017 IMG_3551-14 Ross and Lovely Daughter Kirking - 31 Downstairs 3 Kirking - 61 3 on stairs Kirking - 63 Heather and Sterling Paul w wings plus Margo and Winnie Winnie w thank you cake Jean Patterson 2 Bev Anderson Woody Payne Shirley Latta Shirley Wedding Reception Lovely Sherwood Sun Sep 3 2017 iPh PS Jim Nancy Love Smr Lv - 63
    Click the “Coming Together” photo (below) for video of the event.
    Jean, Joe, Paul, Louise, Ellie marti-cermak-christmas-eve-2016 Victor closeup painting IMG_3034 After Family Svc SPC full moon Home86 Epiphany 3 kings names IMG_0518

    Fiery Ribbons Lynn Parode rbsThis gorgeous Ribbons of Fire Sculpture was created by the incomparable Rev. Dr. Joan Carter, and incorporated into our service with love by Alison Deal. And Joan and Paul’s dual reading was sublime. Video coming!
    Thank you Lynn Parode for lovely photo

    Pentecost PaulPentecost Joan SharingRed Louise, Jean, Janice, Michael IMG_0863Pentecost Jim Osborn IMG_0874Pentecost Martin Inge IMG_0863Pentecost Opening Chant IMG_0880Pentecost Choir

    Easter Worship, Easter Music, Easter Flowers, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Fellowship
    EASTER LOVE! 2016

    Easter Choir 2016 IMG_0793

    Easter IMG_0803 Easter IMG_0810      Easter IMG_0802  Easter IMG_0824 Easter IMG_0825 Easter IMG_0826 Easter IMG_0827

    Visit to Don Francisco on his 85th Birthday, March 8, 2016. Together we sang, we prayed, we loved each other, we felt blessed.
    We liked his caregivers. Left to right, Robin Sinclair, Linda McLaird, Sterling Lim, Don and his caregiver, George McLaird, Marty Hartick, Don Koc

    Visit to Don Francisco,George,Linda,Don,Marty,Sterling,Robin Visit to Don Francisco,George holds birthday card

    Don Francisco and his lovely caregivers   Below: a brief video clip (19 sec.) of us singing together. Thank you Linda McLaird

    Film! Food! Friends! Fun! SPC Movie Night! March 2015. Paul Mowry, Storyteller Extraordinaire of the Real Scoop. A surprise cake for Birthday Girl, Marti Hartrick. And Oscar-iffic thanks to the team in church the next morning.

    IMG_0707IMG_0712 IMG_0715IMG_0716 IMG_0718IMG_0720 IMG_0723IMG_0725 IMG_0726IMG_0727 IMG_0755IMG_0758 IMG_0763IMG_0767

    Thank you Janice Graham for the idea of you and Rev. Keenan Kelsey ‘acting out’ scripture, Luke 4:1-13 (Jesus is tested in the wilderness). It was graceful and meaningful, and enhanced the reading nicely.

    Keenan Kelsey acting reading in service 2 Keenan Kelsey acting reading in service


    MariesBDwithlinda new crop rbsWayne at SPC, January 2016


    Dia de los muertos Brunch, 2015, a wonderful celebration and mission support event

    Day of the Dead photo 2Day of the Dead photo 1


    Ordination of Deacons and Elders, January 2015

    The three leaders Ord Sess Deac 2015Session 2015

    Session Deacons Ord Paul Leading 2015


    Martha Thomson w granddaughter KateMartha Thomson and her granddaughter Kate, June 2014

    October 4, 2015 Sitting together, heart to heart, from Blessing of the Animals photos

    Arundhati and Marti Cermak love friendsBlessings of the Animals 2015 15

    ON THE PATIO! BBQ picnic, 2015

    BBQ 2015 Earl Don Joey IMG_0098 BBQ 2015 Don and Joey cowboysIMG_0107 BBQ 2015 Ann Mahony IMG_0116 BBQ 2015 Alison Earl Don Joey IMG_0100 BBQ 2015 Lovely in red IMG_0115 BBQ 2015 Yeah IMG_2818 BBQ 2015 Arundhat cowboy IMG_1908 BBQ 2015 Don cowboy IMG_2823 BBQ 2015 Marshmallows cooking IMG_2831 BBQ 2015 Semores Alison plus BBQ 2015 Children Picnic IMG_2826

    These smiles! So beautiful on Graduation Day, San Francisco Theological Seminary. CONGRATULATIONS TAD HOPP AND ALEXANDER WENDEHEART! Thank you Jill Fugaro for the wonderful photos.

    Tad Hopp SFTS graduation IMG_9487Alexander Wendehart SFTS grad IMG_9495IMG_9488Jill, Arundhati, Steve from SFTS Grad PLUS Marti Cermak



    Jill, Louise, Jean P

    Bill and Brenda McKown anniversary




    Youth Sunday, March 15, 2015

    Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1804 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1797 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1801 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1800 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1795 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1809 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1813 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1805 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1806 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1807 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1810 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1812 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1802 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1796 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1794 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1793 Youth Sunday March 2015 IMG_1792Youth offering ushers securedownload-2Youth offering usherssecuredownload-3Youth offering ushers securedownload-5


    Paul Georges75CelebAll3

    Joan GeorgeLinda

    Parode-Lims Christmas 2014 IMG_1743 Grover Dear One Christmas 2014 IMG_1743

    Lovely Epiphany service, Jan 4, 2015. Amazing three kings! Thank you Keenan Kelsey, Ralph Hooper and choir, Tad Hopp, Shirley Latta, Marti Cermak. Thanks for photos Shirley Latta and Marti Cermak. First communion of 2015 with SPC family and Joan Carter a blessing.

    Epiphany tree Shirley photo-23 Epiphany 3 kings names IMG_0518

















    Christmas Eve 2014. Pageant!


    IMG_1773 IMG_1772 IMG_1768 IMG_1765 IMG_1763 IMG_1761 IMG_1760 IMG_1759 IMG_1756 IMG_1753 IMG_1752 IMG_1748 IMG_1747

    SPC online video library  Includes full services of David Jacobsen Celebration, Kirking of the Tartan, George McLaird’s Retirement. More being added.

    George McLaird’s Celebration Service!    Homecoming Sunday, September 7, 2014   photos of delight for both services by Patti Oji

    Christmas Children’s Pageant, 2013     Carol Cunningham’s Celebration of Life    Celebrating Rev. David Jacobsen    Luke Kos’ beautiful baptism service PLUS, August, 2013    Kirking of the Tartan, 2013 by our own Miles Lim     Community Seder 2013 photos below     GLORIOUS Easter photos 2013    Our Beautiful Church   WEDDING PHOTO GALLERY    Kids Summer Camp Fun 2013    Sacred Celebrations    Today We Celebrate    Easter 2012 photos    Panorama video clip (29 sec.) Alta Mira deck, ending at SPC  (by George McLaird)

    (Click on photo to see larger version, right click to save photo to your computer)

    Top two photos below by Noah Berger. See his excellent professional photo essay on Paul and his family



    Patti Oji’s talented heart shares these pix from Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 with the Rev. Sally Adams and Don Koc and the Fallen Angels leading the service. SPC LOVE!

    SPC 8-24-14_04 SPC 8-24-14_06 SPC 8-24-14_07 SPC 8-24-14_08 SPC 8-24-14_11 SPC 8-24-14_13 SPC 8-24-14_15 SPC 8-24-14_16

    Midsummer Night BBQ, July 19th, 2014 A Delicious Gathering with Fabulous Food and Company. A  treasured SPC events.



    Marthas 90 BDay DSC_0681



    Our beloved Martha Thomson had a birthday party! Thank you George McLaird and Martha Ann for sending these photos.


    Marthas 90 BDay DSC_0695 Marthas 90 BDay DSC_0655







    Sunday, February 9, SPC congregational meeting. SPC Annual Report excitement and delicious brunch

    Annual Report 2014 Table Settings Annual Report 2014 Paul and Steve Clerk and Treasurer Annual Report 2014 Lovely Prayer energyWayne Hoffman waving

    Annual Report 2014 Raise your Hands 1 Annual Report 2014 Raise your Hands 2


    End of summer depth and richness of heart. Experiencing LOVE as an action. Heartfelt thanks to Patti Oji.

    Don and Becky w mic and harmonium SPC_05 Becky w harmonium SPC_03 Dennis Liturgist SPC_09 Becky and Marty w instruments SPC_06 Hank shaking hands SPC_26 Janice and SPC_29 Guitarist SPC_04 Fellowship SPC_37 Fellowship SPC_14 Fellowship 1 SPC_63 John H and Robert W SPC_38 Coffee for Mission SPC_70 Coffee for Mission SPC_69 Visiting family SPC_27 Two guitarists SPC_24Two handsome ushers closeup SPC_34  The musicians Aug 25 SPC_32 Sterling Lynn and Louise SPC_28


    Marty Hartick w dulcimer SPC_02 Marty at piano SPC_30 Paul in office 2 SPC_19 Our Beautiful Church Aug 25 SPC_23 Musicians Aug 25 2013 SPC_08 Musicians 2 SPC_10 Mary Miata with 2 portraits SPC_20 Marti C and Claudia Webb SPC_15 Lynn and Ann SPC_65 Louise closeup SPC_17 John H Fellowship SPC_64 Fellowship Derryl and Jehlings SPC_65 Don and Marty with instruments SPC_33 Becky and Aaron SPC_01


    Paul’s birthday, Aug 4, 2013, Miles Lim heading off to Bard, Tad Hopp on his way to interning in Terra Linda.
    Energizing Sunday service and fellowship!

    IMG_1353 IMG_1354 IMG_1356 IMG_1362 IMG_1364 IMG_1365 IMG_1368 IMG_1367 IMG_1366 IMG_1369

    Baptism 2a frm D KocBaptism 3a frm D Koc

    Wondrous Sunday service April 28, touching on the spirit of loved ones, youthful and ageless. Carol Madsen of 85 years, here greeted by Paul, first came to SPC in 1930 and became a member in 1944. And Maggie Fernandez and Carson Smith, saying goodbye during their last Sunday with us, will always have a loving place in our hearts. More pictures of Maggie and Carson, contributing their spirit up to the very last minute (thank you!), click here.

    10 Carson and Maggie Carol Madsen IMG_13146 Carson and Maggie Maggie smiles IMG_1308

    Community Seder, 2013

    Seder JimSeder HaggadahSeder Julie

    Seder Paul leadsSeder Steve and Larry2Seder dear friends

    Seder Lynn and JaniceSeder head tableSeder Joey CandlesSeder Alice and AlisonSeder DmitriSeder art shot

    Seder MartiSeder guestsSeder Baby MamasSeder Joey leads



    Christmas, 2012

    Cielo Rumi Kyle, Morgan & Winnie’s new granddaughter





    Click here for Our Beautiful Church photos





    Collage of older photos rbs