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light-a-candle for pray,med,heal web pageThe Prayer, Meditation, and Healing Group has been meeting for more than 35 years to pray and meditate over prayer requests from members of the congregation. We meet once a week on Tuesday evening in a quiet space in the church (usually Thomson Hall), often accompanied by flowers and candles. We read aloud and meditate over the prayer requests written during Sunday worship, and then include prayer and meditation for individuals from the community who come to the prayer group for help or healing. The meeting begins and ends with spoken prayer. A key aspect of the group is that anything said or read remains confidential.

All are welcome to this calm, restorative hour any Tuesday evening at 5:30.








Thank you God.

We give all of these prayers to You,
Fully releasing them into your care.

Let us no longer carry their burden,
But rather only the knowledge of your mercy, compassion and love.

We pray that all are healed as they see themselves healed,
And that by participating in this healing we are ourselves healed as well. Amen.

The origins of our Prayer and Healing Group are described in this 1980 article by George McLaird. Ideas include using meditation to serve others, referencing Rev. Dr. Francis Geddes’ book, Contemplative Healing: The Congregation as Healing Community, referencing Dr. Brugh Joy’s book,  Joy’s Way, and the Contemplative Healing Prayer website, describing Rev. Dr. Francis Geddes’ method.