Private Pastor 2
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Private Pastor 2

Our Pastor, Paul Mowry

Reverend Paul Mowry is an authentic, open-minded man and pastor, and an award-winning, thrilling speaker. He has a strength of character that is inclusive, fun, and healing. He has many skills and talents that he shares naturally. Several have developed from his multiple careers in the film industry, in corporate banking, and more. He is held in high regard by his congregation and his communities, and we feel continually blessed to be in his company.


Paul is a “second career” minister from a family long steeped in the Presbyterian Church.  His mother was an elder and his father, grandfather, and great-great-grandfather were Presbyterian ministers.  Some of his favorite keepsakes are their sermons, including handwritten sermons of his great-great grandfather’s from the 1790s.  His sister and cousin are also ordained ministers (United Church of Christ and Unitarian Universalist, respectively).

In this message, Paul talks about his pastor father and shares a sermon his father gave in 1965, after his return from the 2nd Selma march in which Dr. Martin Luther King and SPC former pastor Dave Jacobsen also participated.