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On Sunday October 12, 2013 during morning worship, our spiritual cup overflowed as Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dr. Joan Carter and special guests The Spiritual Travelers joined Pastor Paul in bringing Joan’s liturgical arts talents back to Sausalito Pres, presenting an original performance of  The Triangle, based on the story of Hagar. We had a stimulating and inventive service, and send love and thanks to our Seattle co-hearts!

On Sunday evening, we had a special sacred celebration as Rev. Joan Carter renewed her ordination vows marking her 25th anniversary and, together with Reverends Paul Mowry and George McLaird, led an incredibly beautiful and deeply enriching evening service. Our tears flowed, our hearts lifted up, and the holy spirit rejoiced in us.
Photos and more below.

Here is Larry Whyman’s wonderful videotaping of complete evening service
NOTE: If you don’t see a playable video, watch on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzEYdKP1_mw

For Joans 23rd Psalm


JoanSpiritualTravSunMornAltar 10 10 13

Triangle4 IMG_0345 Triangle3 IMG_0347 Triangle2IMG_0355 Triangle1 IMG_0353 JoanPaulBlessingIMG_0357


JoanSpiritualTravSunEveAltar 10 10 13 PaulJoanGeorge1IMG_0363 3PastorsIMG_0371 PaulJoanGeorge2IMG_0367 Spiritual TravelersIMG_0377 RobeManyColorsJoanPamIMG_0381 RobeManyColorsBackIMG_0384