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Euonomymous from SPINN
SPC Blue Christmas 2014 Blue Christmas 2014 rbs mary

This service was intimate and touched our hearts deeply. Sometimes called the Longest Night, in the Western Christian tradition, we recognize that not everyone is all HO HO HO at Christmastime. For many, this season especially can bring melancholy, or sadness, or depression. We came together in a thoughtful and meditative service that met us where we are — not where everyone says we should be — and we were most beautifully reminded that God loves us and is with us no matter how we feel.

All Saints / Day of the Dead celebration, 2014, lighting candles and speaking the names of our loved ones, sharing communion and healing hearts. Moving. Deep. Lovely.

Day of the Dead Nov 1 2014

George McLaird’s Joyous Celebration of Life and Service


Click here for more celebration photos (thank you Patti Oji!)

The service was deep and filled with loving delight. George McLaird’s response to a wondrous celebration of his life and service:

Dear Friends,
Being on the receiving end of yesterday’s service was like being overwhelmed by an avalanche. Not an avalanche of snow and ice that kills but one of love, affection and humor that warms hearts and leaves everyone in a better place.
It came to me during the service that SPC is a nest. A place where one can ‘lay an egg’ but can also ‘lay on spiritual and friendship eggs and hatch new ideas, theologies and 3 AM friends.’ We are truly rich and blessed. Many, many thanks.
George and Linda 

Celebration of Life Celebration of Bruce Patten

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Saturday April 27 we gathered to celebrate our beloved friend and brother, Bruce Patten.

Bruce Patten 2a IMG_1285Bruce Patten 1a IMG_1284A lovely, profound ceremony, led by Paul and George, with sweet and funny stories told by his family, his church family, his friends and neighbors. His beautiful wife Karen brought all the ties he wore to church and hooked them on the pew ends! She is in the back, in this picture.) We love you Bruce!

In Loving Memory of Bruce Patten

Bruce was a long (long) time member of this community. He was utterly reliable and unfalteringly committed. Always at the ready to jump in and help. If an usher didn’t show up, no worries — Bruce was there. When the collection needed to be counted and deposited, no worries — Bruce was there. He drove every week for three decades from his home in Martinez to be with his SPC family in worship. Bruce bravely fought cancer for the past year and was dutiful to the end. When Paul met with him in the ICU, Bruce was quick to say that he had arranged for a substitute counter and for someone to make the deposit. When Paul met with Bruce on Wednesday, Bruce had ushers on his mind and wanted to make sure things were being covered. Bruce passed on peacefully Wednesday night, January 23. He is survived by his loving wife, Karen, for whom we raise up our love and prayers. He remains in our hearts, a beloved and deeply treasured soul of this community.

A beautiful, loving vow renewal ceremony for Paul and Georgeanne Meade

Remembering  a Valentine Wedding twenty-two years ago, Georgianne and Paul Meade renewed their wedding vows in front of 80 guests. George McLaird and Joan Carter joined Paul Mowry to perform the elegant ceremony. Each brought a unique tenderness with poetry by Rumi and Gibran.  Julie Carlson read “Love is a Magic Ray.”

The Sanctuary had a sacred Zen like feeling with a treasured Japanese Obi and Ikebana on the alter table. As Jennifer Seaman sang “You and I” and “The Rose” (a request from twenty-two years ago), all agreed that Love is what joins, flows, counts and GROWS.

Thomson Hall was transformed into an English Garden for an elegant Champagne and High Tea reception. Treasured tea pots, crystal and hand painted vases were dressed with garden roses, calla lilies and parrot tulips. Louise Forbush designed two entwined hearts and all the guests wrote love messages on fine Japanese papers that were fastened to the borders of the hearts. Georgianne and Paul will have lots of time to read the happy wishes.




Remembering Rev. David Jacobsen and the parade of love shared in communion
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Celebrating Communion with three beloved pastors, Rev. Paul Mowry, Rev. George McLaird, Rev. Dr. Joan Carter – and with us in spirit, Rev. David Jacobsen.

April 22 in Worship
Paul comments . . . last Sunday we were enthralled by the music of the Klamath Union High School String Orchestra. Had we seen these wonderful kids walking down the street in a boisterous group, would we dare assume what beautiful music was inside them? The tears ran down our cheeks as we listened to that amazing tenor voice sing “Con te Partirò” (Time to Say Goodbye). Who do we know, or not know, that walks the road beside us, also with such a beguiling song in their heart? We won’t know until we open our eyes and see.
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Celebrating the Rev. Dina Gardner

George McLaird, Dina Gardner, and Paul Mowry offer communion

Together, we were showered with blessings.

To my beloved SPC Community,
My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude for your incredible outpouring of care, compassion, generosity and prayers.  I was humbled and honored by the sacred gathering on Saturday evening to support me and my family as we move through this challenging time.  As I said that evening, walking through the doors of the Church, it just felt like home.  A home that I have missed dearly and was so grateful to re-enter.  The words, tears, blessings and hands upon my body for healing were a gift that words cannot fully express.  I know that so many hands and hearts went into making this call possible and I want to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to each of you!  Edgar and I are excited to enter back into our SPC community with me fully healed and to be a part of the joy, love and inspiration of my SPC family once again.

God’s peace, abundance, joy and light be with each and everyone of you!
With love from each cell in my body and hugs from my soul,


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Dina is a very special person who served in our church when she was a seminary student. SPC hosted an important fundraiser in support of her as she journeys with cancer. Her medical bills have been mounting rapidly and her friends at SPC gave her a helping hand. The evening began with a Vespers Service in the sanctuary led by our pastor, Paul, our Pastor Emeritus, the Rev. George McLaird, and Rev. Dina. We then adjourned to Thomson Hall for appetizers, wine, and fellowship.
Dina has expressed how incredibly touched and grateful she is that people whose lives are so busy wish to give of their time, care, and resources to support her healing. She only hopes she can use the many decades that she has remaining on this earth to repay the generosity back ten-fold.

THANK YOU for joining us for celebration to help one of our own.

To contribute and help Dina, email Mary Hartrick mhartrick@comcast.net


Moses Declares: That Was One Great Seder!

More than 80 people came together on Maundy Thursday to celebrate God’s deliverance of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. Delicious food, a meaningful service, and the wonderful, warm fellowship of members and guests and visiting families and children will not soon be forgotten!  Loving thanks to Lois and Arnie (Joey’s Mom and stepdad) for driving up from LA with a car full of chicken soup stock and many coolers of matzoh balls. Thomson Hall was full of candles, blessings, and lots of kids running around looking for the hidden matzoh. The tables were set beautifully, the continuity of the ancient stories created new connections. And Dayenu! Special thanks to all who cooked, cleaned, setup, cleaned some more, served, and otherwise contributed to a wonderful evening! Special shout outs to our organizers, Marti Cermak, Joe Silverman, and his Mom, Lois.

(Know who our Moses look-alike is? And BTW, that is his real beard!)