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Summer of Love Weekend 2017

Lightshow fractalsLightshow Nebulaspeace. love. music. SPC sharing and joy.
magnificent, healing event. 

click on photos (right) to see light shows
scroll down for SLIDESHOW and eye-popping color PHOTOS

Don says, “The Summer of Love lives on!”
Summer of Love Steve and DonSummer of Love superlative slang

we sang a roof-raising Blowin’ In the Wind 

a welcome to the Summer of Love Celebration by the Rev. Dude, Paul Mowry

thanks to all for sending photos – good vibes! 

Don IMG_1978 Den, Marty, George, Jill Joe Bassist IMG_1985 Sterling, Lynne, Claudia IMG_1990 Carole red hair white boots IMG_1999 Jim Deitz, Barabara Kerr IMG_2001 Jim Deitz Winnie Huff IMG_2006 Marty, Marty, Friend IMG_1984 Sum of Love Robin robe IMG_1970 Sum of Love Robin robe peek IMG_1970 Louise Den IMG_1980 Jean, Anne, Linda IMG_1981 2 musicians IMG_2008 Den, Helper, Paul IMG_1987 Cornell and Mary IMG_2032 Den, Paul, Healther, Sterling IMG_1993 Bill, Paul, Sterling, Brenda IMG_1997 Gloria Horne Paul IMG_2033 Cornell Bill P IMG_2035 Robins Robe, Marion IMG_2003 Louise, Steve, Jill IMG_2004 Alan, Joanie, Don IMG_2029 Denni Marti R Joe Friend IMG_2037 Dancing 1 IMG_2043 Dancing 3 IMG_2045 Dancing 2 IMG_2044 Dancing 4 IMG_2049 Dancing Janice Carole J Michael IMG_2052 Dancing Janice Carole J Michael 2 IMG_2054 Joe Woody Don IMG_2061 The band IMG_2072 Joe, 3 of band IMG_2074 Bev, Woody IMG_2078 Cornell dancing IMG_2085 Bev, Woody IMG_2080 Diane Paul IMG_2068 Louise, Den, George, IMG_2089 Cornell wife, carole IMG_2095 Lynne Sterling IMG_2098 Circle 1 IMG_2102 Pagan ritual IMG_2109 IMG_2111 Don Marty 2 IMG_2117 Bill and Brenda IMG_2122 Gloria and Jim IMG_2128 Jim and Gloria IMG_2134 Group IMG_2136 Heather Margo Lee Kirkpatrick IMG_2139   Group IMG_2136  Sunday Sum of Love IMG_2140 Fellowship table 1 IMG_3001 Fellowship table 2 IMG_3001

John McCormick Smr Lv - 48Woody Gorgeous Smr Lv - 5  The Band Smr Lv - 1 Joe Louise Friend Smr Lv - 36 Cartoon Smr Lv - 56 Patti and puppy Smr Lv - 57 Bev Marty Woody Smr Lv - 7Denni Pam Cornell wife Marty R Smr Lv - 26 Robin Brenda Smr Lv - 34 Marion Bass Player Smr Lv - 35 Alan Joanie Smr Lv - 21 John Don Smr Lv - 50  Joe Tate Smr Lv - 47 Bruce Barth Smr Lv - 46 Patti Marty H Smr Lv - 44 Jim Bill P Smr Lv - 51 Marty Don Paul Smr Lv - 43Carole friend Smr Lv - 33 Group Jean Bill Steve Mary Smr Lv - 42 Cornell Paul Smr Lv - 55Group Lynne Jenn Bill Jill Smr Lv - 41  Carole J Claudia Anne Smr Lv - 37 Michael Janice Dancing Smr Lv - 22 Linda George Smr Lv - 53 Don Dennis Linda Smr Lv - 14Barbara Geisler Jill Lovely Smr Lv - 38Two friends Smr Lv - 54  Joe Woody Plus Smr Lv - 2 Janice Michael Smr Lv - 3  Crowd 1 Smr Lv - 15 Robin Funny Smr Lv - 18  Dancing Carole Smr Lv - 23 Dancing Carole Marty Denni Smr Lv - 23 Group happy clapping Smr Lv - 25 Pano 2 Smr Lv - 61Pano Smr Lv - 57