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Spring at SPC  .  Come as you are and be welcome
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Sunday, November 4, 2012 we were blessed with Paul and Joan sharing LOVE and communion, beautiful choir music, and surprise musical guests Alex Cooke and Ben Vaughn.  Click to listen to an energetic rendition of  Zoo (Spread Your Wings) . . . “You’re not your money or your house or your friends or your car. God made you a superstar!” (used with permission. And Alex is also an artist, click for Love mural)




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  • This week in worship Paul preaches on Genesis 15:1-18 in a message called Heavenly Glance.
  • Our search for an Admin. Asst. continues. Thank you to Pam Will for filling in. The contact information for the church office and email is the same, office@sausalitopresbyterian.com (see Contact tab above for more info)

Items in this week’s newsletter include:

  • Ashes in the Street
  • Sonnee’s Mom Passes
  • George at Book Passage
  • The Wed. Lunch Needs Help
  • Miles Lim Returns
  • Upcoming Special Events