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Invitation to Thanksgiving Vespers 2017

Thanksgiving Vespers 2017_Page_1 copy

Thanksgiving Vespers 2017

Facebook Thanksgiving for Don and MartyHappy Thanksgiving photo for home page 2017 IMG_2534


Thanksgiving Vespers invitation 2016spc-thanksgiving-vespers-invitation-2016-ps

Scroll down for full 360 degrees of candle-to-candle lighting photos.

The unbroken circle, one

Marys ThanksVespers 2015

With this lovely invitation from Mary Grogan (right), our SPC community gathered for a spiritual Thanksgiving Vespers service in the Sanctuary, with visual beauty, poetry, prayer, and inviting our loved ones near and far into the circle of light. Music of delight came from the Heavenly Choir led and accompanied by Ralph Hooper, a very talented guest fiddle player, Heidi Clare, and selections of perfection by Don Koc. In Thomson Hall we continued our communion by breaking bread together. Amazing food was offered and appreciated by loved ones. We were nourished in so many ways and our gratitude overflows.

We share Thanksgiving blessings with you all.

Give Thanks w candles The tables Peter and turkey Arranged by Shirley, tall Plates, utensils, Jean, Marion Drinks table Shirley lighting candles Ralph and Robin Joanies Grandson Acolyte IMG_0379 The choir and Heidi IMG_0382 The unbroken circle, one The unbroken circle, two The unbroken circle, three The unbroken circle, four The unbroken circle, five The unbroken circle, six The unbroken circle, seven The unbroken circle, eight The unbroken circle, nine The unbroken circle, 10 the feast w candles MARY

Thanksgiving Vespers, 2013

A beloved SPC traditional sacred celebration, with delights and gifts for the soul and the senses, and, seriously, great fun!
Some pictures of the preparations by Mary Grogan. Thank you Mary and wonderful helpers, for everything.

Thnxgvng Vespers 2013 Altar IMG_1624 Thnxgvng Vespers 2013 Plates IMG_1608Thnxgvng Vespers 2013 Thomson IMG_1602IMG_1610Thnxgvng Vespers 2013 Steps Lights IMG_1629