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The Spiritual Travelers, with Rev. Dr. Joan Carter and Rev. Paul Mowry

What happened at home when the fisherman cast down their nets and followed Jesus – and left? Let’s find out! With heartfelt thanks to Rev. Paul Mowry, Rev. Dr. Joan Carter, the Spiritual Travelers, and a special guest actor you may recognize! for showing us these spirited – and spiritual – behind-the-scenes moments.

Thank you to ALL for taking the time for these pictures, and the wonderful Digital Angels who sent in them in for posterity: Don Koc, and Linda Woodbury’s family member, Tom Sicks (we loved his cameras!), with help from Linda.
Just LOOK at the beauty in these faces and hearts.

Spiritual Travelers March 5 Paul and Joan IMG_0637 Spiritual Travelers Joan and FishSpiritual Travelers March 5 DSC_9503 Spiritual Travelers set from side IMG_2119 Spiritual Travelers 2 women March 5 IMG_0628 Spiritual Travelers 2 women March 5 IMG_0626 Spiritual Travelers March 5 IMG_0629  Spiritual Travelers Ralph and Joe for PS Spiritual Travelers March 5 IMG_0635Spiritual Travelers standing by fish 3 IMG_2119Spiritual Travelers and Ralph

Spiritual Travelers March 5 IMG_0623


And when the service was over, Tom snapped this wonderful photo of Linda’s lovely aunt. Joy!
Then Elvis left the building (thanks Don!)

Spiritual Travelers March 5 Linda and her aunt IMG_0639
SPC Elvis has left the building

Ash Wednesday Gathering SPC’s evening service warms hands as well as hearts…

Look where we are! Rev. Joan Carter and the Spiritual Travelers brought a fire pit from Seattle for our March 1st Ash Wednesday service, “Set Your Heart Aflame.” About 20 of us gathered for a lovely time of prayer, poetry, reflection, music, and some new ways of thinking about the solemnity of Ash Wednesday. Of course, everything is new when you share LOVE!

Ash Wed Flaming Heart 2017