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Scroll below for Julie Carlson Reads Edna St. Vincent Millay; Lily Joseph is interviewed by the Dalai Lama; Carol Cunningham photo in the choir and portion of a letter about her from our music director, Ralph Hooper; video of 4th of July 2013 including George McLaird and Jean Patterson in red/white/blue, singing!; Mary Miyata’s Children of Aids Art Project; Celebrating Ellen Roseman; Great photos of Maggie Fernandez and Carson Smith blessings on their last Sunday; Photos of George McLaird at a Book Passage signing for his book, ‘A Guide for Spiritual Living,’ ; 2013 Recipients of Sausalito Women’s Clubs scholarships; In Loving Memory of Bruce Patten; In Celebration of Bruce Patten; Loving Baptism of Luke Kos; Celebration with Paul Mowry on his one year anniversary (he got an iPad!); Marriage of Eric and Melinda Leib; Marriage of Rob Ross and Svetlana Doroganich and MORE! 

Larry Whyman!

For Memorial Day, 2014, Larry Whyman once again conducted an augmented SPC Choir in the singing of the beloved Peter J. Wilhousky arrangement of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

As a young Air Force Captain in 1964, Larry Whyman attended Squadron Officers School, a 16 week leadership course for selected “Company Grade” officers, mostly pilots. It was conducted at the USAF’s Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Larry was in Class 64A (1964). There were 826 students in his class. A Glee Club was formed, with 47 voices, 2 pianists, and 1 director, selected by audition from over 100 who applied (a volunteer choir directors dream ). Larry was honored to be selected as director.

The Glee Club rehearsed on off duty time (lunchtime and evenings). It performed for area civic organizations, and was the first S.O.S Glee Club to record an album. It was produced on a stereo vinyl record and a “reel to reel” stereo tape.

In 1966 Larry served his first of 3 tours in Vietnam. He flew a total of 114 BN52 combat missions, and left the Air Force in November of 1968. He then flew the friendly skies for United Airlines until 1996.

About 10 years ago he had the tape “digitally mastered” onto a CD. Prominent among the pieces on the CD is a thrilling rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic.  This Wilhousky arrangement is very close to that wonderous arrangement from so long ago.


Julie Carlson’s ‘No Wider Than the Heart Smash Hit!

Saturday, April 5, 5:30 p.m. was NO WIDER THAN THE HEART, Julie Carlson reading Edna St. Vincent Millay

Julie Poetry Reading 2 frm Shirley

Ralph Hooper says, “This past Saturday evening, over 80 people were treated to a superb poetry performance by our fabulous Julie Carlson. Julie gave us what I can only describe humbly as a transcendental performance. I have always admired great poets, but this was beyond anything I have experienced. I have attended other poetry readings, but nothing like this.”

The SPINN team comments, “If you have ever heard Julie speak poetry, you know what a beautiful experience it was – everyone was transfixed. In describing the event, Julie said, ‘I promise you will have a wonderful time.’ Oh how right she was!”

Special thanks to Jean Patterson, Shirley Latta, Don Koc, Marty Hartrick, Mary and Hank Van Dyke, Bill Patterson and Dan Thatcher.






LILY YOSEPH interviewed on KPIX 5 and honored by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama
Watch her wonderful interview on KPIX     Watch the Ceremony     Read about the ceremony

Dalai Lama and LillyLily Yoseph on Bay Sunday screen shot 1 LOW RES




Today we celebrate Carol Cunningham (she’s in front, standing next to the piano to the left of Ralph)

Click here to go to Carol Cunningham, Celebration of Life Service

Carol in choirSome loving words from our music director’s letter about Carol:

Dear Friends,
We have all lost a dear friend, our very dear Carol who passed last night.
There are no wonderful, delightful adjectives that do not apply to this amazing woman and artist. She was a wonderful friend, an incredibly talented and generous artist and a great chorister!

If we had a prize for choir faithfulness, dedication and punctuality, Carol would be the immortal, supreme prize winner. Her attendance record could only be challenged in earlier times by the also amazing Ardelle Cross. Carol invariably showed up on Thursday nights right after 7 PM. We would chat about many things and always speculate on how many choristers would be on hand that evening – with a twinkle in her eye.

Carol’s sense of humor, a quality I prize perhaps more than any other, was sharp and yet loving and delightful.

There have been three amazing women who basically created and sustained our choir over decades:  Doris Donaldson who devoted 41 magnificent years to its creation and nurturing, Ardelle Cross who was its anchor and soul for so many years and Carol who was also its soul and light.

The thought of singing this fall and at Christmas Vespers  without Carol is too painful and shocking to bear right now. But Carol would be the first to tell us to get a grip and start rehearsing. We will dedicate this year’s Vespers to Carol. Carol will be with us celebrating all the way.

A few months ago, Carol gave each choir member a lovely gift that she herself designed, created, and printed – a blessing from our pastor, Paul, that we all love very much.

Thank you, Carol, for EVERYTHING!

Carol from Jean Patterson



4th of July, 2013 at SPC.

George July 7

Jean rocks out while testifyin

We are still enjoying the thoughts of fun and worship we enjoyed together Sunday, July 7, 2013: Pastor Emeritus Rev. George McLaird talked about heaven and hell right here on earth with congregational comments, Don Koc and Jean Patterson led the Fallen Angels Amen Chorus in a bit of energetic musical testifying (wow! that Jean!), Becky Dixon shared some deeply healing prayer music, Alison’s  4th of July arrangement was beautiful, and communion with new and long-time friends wove a tapestry of love and connection for us all. Thanks Be!

Click these photos. left and right, for video.


Communion TableJulie,Wynnie,SonneeBeauty


Mary Miyata’s update on the Children’s Aids Art Program, May 2013, upon her return from Africa. She writes:
Miyata, Ocaza 1

This past trip was the most productive of all my trips since I moved back to California.  I was able to secure, for a young man that I have known and loved since he was 9 years old a full scholarship for UCT Michaelis School of Fine Arts.  When I arrived I heard he was homeless after being at the Waldorf Schools (through Baphumelele Children’s Home) for most of his young life.  He had matriculated but had no real family to live with. Social Development told him he would receive NO money to live on without providing them with his mother’s death certificate. Olwethu was only 7 years old when she died and has no ID number for her and never knew her date of death. I took him to my place in the Waterfront for three weeks. We had five business meetings a day even on the weekends, until I left on May 20th.

Miyata, Ocaza 22 croppedWe had meetings with UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art and with top professors and advisers at UCT.  Olwethu is an amazingly talented artist. My goal was to have him apply to Michaelis and at least 4 other colleges and universities. We met with two individuals on the Michaelis selection committee that would like him in the programme next year. We did not meet the entire selection committee. We have started the application process for Michaelis however, he is up against 165 others with only 60 selected.

If he is accepted, I have secured a full three year bursary for all he will need, tuition,books, materials, dorm and food through Investec Trust….we had many meetings with them.  Needless to say we are thrilled! My law firm Cliffe Dekker has assigned one of the their young brainy associates to work with Olwethu. We are trying to get him a job at Pick n’ Pay (#1 grocery/retail chain in Africa) through the Ackerman family.

Miyata, Ocaza 11My focus in the years to come will be to help as many adolescents whom I have known since they were 5, 6 and 7 years old to secure a higher education and/or sustainable employment to maintain their life. The CAAP  Art Therapy School for the smaller guys is going very well. We are expanding it to the Desmond Tutu Youth Centre in Masiphumelele.

Miyata, Ocaza 30Click here to see attached Motivational Essay (for university applications)
With warmest regards,

Mary Miyata
Founder & Executive Director

P: +1 (415) 320-2442




Ellen Roseman photoPaul and George for Ellen Roseman blurryToday we celebrate Ellen Roseman, a longtime member of SPC who has left an amazing legacy as an open facilitator and pioneer in the the adoption world, creating families through adoption, placing about 2300 children for adoption through 32 years.












Photos from our last Sunday service with Maggie Fernandez and Carson Smith. Here Paul has unrolled a scroll listing a short summary of all they have shared with us – it was fun and funny! We  have a deep appreciation of who they are and what they have contributed and gladly share our heartfelt best wishes for their new adventures. SPC Blessings, Maggie and Carson! Click here for Paul’s lovely toast at their send-off party.

1 Carson and Maggie the Roll IMG_1293 2 Carson and Maggie Joey Listening IMG_1295 4 Carson and Maggie w Paul IMG_1300 5 Carson and Maggie Hands IMG_1307 6 Carson and Maggie Maggie smiles IMG_1308 8 Carson and Maggie Paul Hugs Maggie IMG_1312 9 Carson and Maggie Steve Hugs Carson IMG_1313 7 Carson and Maggie Candles IMG_1309 10 Carson and Maggie Carol Madsen IMG_1314 Carson and Maggie w coffee cups
Easter 2013_126Was there even one dry eye in the house when we heard the news that Carson Smith and Maggie Fernandez are moving back to Portland, Ore? They’re very sad to leave SPC and we’re very sad to see them go! They have been a vital part of this community for several years and are deeply embedded in many of our hearts!

Here are a few photos of their wonderful send-off party, April 19, 2013.

Maggie Carson Paul IMG_1273 Diane and Conrad IMG_1266 Eric and Melinda IMG_1279 Maggie Carson Diane IMG_1278 Larry and Ralph IMG_1272 Diane and Arundhati Noel IMG_1278

































At a lively Book Passage Author Event in Corte Madera, our Pastor Emeritus, George McLaird, shared his acclaimed “A Guide for Spiritual Living” work on being as healthy as possible in body, mind and spirit. For more inspiration, check out his website, mclaird.com. Spiritual Living is for everyone!




SPC receives a matching grant

2013 Recipients of the Sausalito Arts Festival Foundation Grant Awards, presented by Executive Director, Ann Dickinson.
Photo on the right includes the Board of the SAFF.

Photos by Gary Ferber

Elders Marty Cermak and Jean Patterson were there to accept the SPC award of $4500 towards a new sound and visual media system. Other recipients included the Sausalito Historical Society, Sausalito Village, Sausalito Sister City, Golden Gate Opera and the Mill Valley Philharmonic.

We are thankful to Jean Patterson, Louise Forbush, Don Koc and everyone who worked to secure this matching grant. More exciting details will be coming soon.

In Loving Memory of Bruce Patten

Bruce was a long (long) time member of this community. He was utterly reliable and unfalteringly committed. Always at the ready to jump in and help. If an usher didn’t show up, no worries — Bruce was there. When the collection needed to be counted and deposited, no worries — Bruce was there. He drove every week for three decades from his home in Martinez to be with his SPC family in worship. Bruce bravely fought cancer for the past year and was dutiful to the end. When Paul met with him in the ICU, Bruce was quick to say that he had arranged for a substitute counter and for someone to make the deposit. When Paul met with Bruce on Wednesday, Bruce had ushers on his mind and wanted to make sure things were being covered. Bruce passed on peacefully Wednesday night, January 23. He is survived by his loving wife, Karen, for whom we raise up our love and prayers. He remains in our hearts, a beloved and deeply treasured soul of this community.

In Celebration of Luke Kos

Luke Francis was born on Friday, January 18 to Patrick and Christin (Hokenstad) Kos. This adorable guy will be calling John and Marge Hokenstad “Grandpa and Grandma!” Christin herself was born into this church, grew up in it, was elected to serve as an Elder on Session while a teenager, and most recently was one of our wonderful Christmas Eve liturgists. We celebrate this newly expanded family with grateful and joyous hearts and with prayers for continued good health, love, and, hopefully, a little sleep. (For those of you who follow the Revised Common Lectionary, please note that we are in Year C — the Year of Luke! We have not inquired as to whether or not this is a coincidence.)





•  Special Presentation to our beloved pastor, Paul Mowry, on the occasion of his one year anniversary with SPC.

Thanks and blessings to those who made this gift possible, to Ralph for his elegant presentation, and to Paul for answering our call in such a magnificent way.

Dear Paul,
A casual visitor to our church, who last saw us a few years ago, would marvel at the Sausalito Presbyterian Church of late 2012. The SPC community that prepares for the Miracle of Christmas yet again is itself a miracle of renewal, rebirth and even re-imagination. New faces of all ages join long-time members in prayer in our sanctuary, in refreshment and conversation in fellowship, in participation in various ministries and activities throughout the community and, yes, still in search of that elusive parking space.

Your ordination early in the year inspired all of us and compelled some of us not members to become active members. You have introduced amazing events and renewed traditions like the magical Seder that created new levels of community and love. Your Sunday sermons are themselves major events of insight, inspiration and wonderful humor.

Most of all, YOU are the miracle. Your wonderful humanity, breadth of knowledge and understanding and ability to make everyone feel at home and cherished has re-ignited a community that had partially lost its way but still remembered a glorious era of a decade earlier. Today, thanks to you, we are in a new glorious era.

This small gift celebrates your ordination, wishes you the community’s love and best wishes at Christmas and thanks you for a stunning first year.
The Sausalito Presbyterian Church Community

Paul’s lovely reply:
Ralph, I re-read your words and am so moved.  I thank you, and each and every one of you reading this (and others in abstentia) for welcoming me and my family into your home and allowing me the great privilege of being your pastor.  Your enthusiasm, patience, love of me and great love of this unique and special community through all of life’s circumstances has inspired and fueled me and, I truly believe, is a beacon for a world hungry for what you have created over the many years — a church that calls itself a family.*
All my love to you all,

•  The Marriage of Eric and Melinda Leib, December 2012

Here are the bride and groom from their auspicious 12/12/12 wedding at SPC, our own Eric and Melinda Leib – a very talented and lovely couple. Joy and congratulations, Eric and Melinda, from your appreciative church family.

•  The Marriage of Rob Ross and Svetlana Doroganich, November 2012

I got married this weekend to Svetlana Doroganich, the most beautiful person I know.

We met in October 2010 when I moved into the house I live in, while she was visiting her colleague (my landlord) from the Institute of Psychoanalysis in Moscow, bringing her students with her for an international  program she leads.

We had an intimate wedding at Cascade Falls, Mill Valley (the base of Mt. Tam) with only a few guests.

When Paul Mowry said, “And may God add His blessing to this marriage,” the sun shined down upon us.  It was so moving that I raised my hand to the light in disbelief.’ It was a perfect wedding,

We are only sorry that we could not invite everyone on such short notice.

Click link to hear Paul’s celebration remarks Sunday, Nov. 11, and The Ralph Experience! Rob Ross Ralph Experience 3 





Flora and volunteers will be working with the day camp in Leon, Mexico.   The week will be devoted to fun, games, and laughter with the kids of Casa Hogar.  SPC has been participating in this program for 9 years….it’s rewarding and the children are elated to see you!  Contact Flora Sommers at 415-332-3790 for more info.












Visiting youth orchestra spreads joy

Easter088Paul comments . . . we were enthralled by the music of the Klamath Union High School String Orchestra. Had we seen these wonderful kids walking down the street in a boisterous group, would we dare assume what beautiful music was inside them? The tears ran down our cheeks as we listened to that amazing tenor voice sing “Con te Partirò” (Time to Say Goodbye). Who do we know, or not know, that walks the road beside us, also with such a beguiling song in their heart? We won’t know until we open our eyes and see.
Click here to watch a short clip of this wonderful moment in worship
(54 sec., click back button when video is finished)




Sausalito Women’s Club Scholarship Recipient

Silvana Meira was born in Brazil. Her natural talent in track gained her a scholarship to a private school and eventually college. She moved to the U.S. 11 years ago, taught herself English, and is now an honor student at the College of Marin with an impressive 3.9 grade point average. She is also the first recipient of the Sausalito Woman’s Club “Sausalito Presbyterian Church Scholarship.”

The Sausalito Woman’s Club has been providing scholarships to Sausalito/Marin City students since 1956. In 2011, they granted $52,000 to 32 scholars, bringing their total gift to the community to over $650,000. The SPC Mission Committee voted earlier this year to help fund a scholarship for a student with need and merit. SPC and SWC have a strong connection through its many mutual members. For example, this year’s SWC scholarship committee included Julie Carlson; the new president of SWC is Paula Fancher, and the new scholarship chair is Jean Patterson. We were very pleased to be able to present a scholarship to Silvana. She is studying Psychology and Philosophy and has impressed her instructors with her sincerity, enthusiasm and drive. Upon completion of her second year at College of Marin, she plans to continue her studies at either Cal Berkeley or Sonoma State University. She’s active in the community and was not able to attend the scholarship presentation ceremony because she was sponsored to run a 56 MILE marathon in Durban, South Africa. (She completed it in 11 hours.) Her delightful husband, Mike Seligson, accepted the award on her behalf.

In presenting the award, Pastor Paul said, “we know the money will help, but it’s just a grain of sand compared to the great respect and admiration we feel for Silvana. It’s our honor to support her extraordinary commitment. So many of us in this nation forget that all but a tiny few of us are descended from people who came here from other countries and worked hard just to get from the morning to the end of the day, struggling with a different language and culture. Being an excellent student and being civically involved takes a lot of time and energy.”

Patricia A. Pennington, Chair of the SWC’s Scholarship Recognition Fund wrote to SPC thanking the Mission Committee for supporting the scholarships. “Your support means so much to the students and to our community as it allows us to continue to provide crucial financial support, encouragement and acknowledgement to Sausalito and Marin City students. We’ve seen first hand how access to affordable education makes a profound difference in the lives of our scholarship recipients and the thank you letters that we receive from them frequently describe the impact that our program has on them.”

In closing his remarks, Paul encouraged everyone “to think of other creative ways we might support those around us who are involved in such great undertakings. Bringing over a cooked meal, or helping someone with the laundry. In the end, the greatest gift we can give each other is each other.”

SPC Cinqo de Mayo Magnificent Mission Celebration and Fund-raiser

Carol Jehling, “Well done ‘good and faithful servants!’  Really, you were all wonderful and, not only the financial reward, but also the good-will and reviving the mission  message make the Cinco de Mayo Brunch a win-win.  Thank you for your hard work—-and there was certainly that for many of you.”

Cynnie Anderson, “Fabulous Meal !!! Fabulous chefs !!! Fabulous decor !!!! Fabulous poem by Joe that raised $$$…!!!! Cynnie loved it all :>)))







1.  Jean and puppy friend at Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael
2.  Shasta Fugaro, Service Dog par excellence and SPC choir mascot
3.  Evelyn and Tara, SPC office doggie


Paul Mowry’s Best Preaching Oscar

Surprise oscar award given during service on Oscar Sunday 2012, by our liturgist Ann Mahony.