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Volunteer Celebration Sunday, 2017

Morgan 2 Morgan and LeeWinnie MargoGroup 1 Group 2 Jean and Ross Alan and Joanie Group 3 serving drinks Heather and Sterling Janice and Michael Winnie and Margo Group 4 Group 6 Group 7 Lynn fun Marty and Don Paul w wings 1 Paul w wings plus Margo and WinniePaul with wings sweet IMG_2181 Beautiful family IMG_2182 Don at table good IMG_2184 Don Kisses Joey IMG_2187  Bill and Jerry Rampleberg Jenn and her parents Linda and Jerry Mary and Hank sweet Jill and Joey adorbsGrover Diane PaulWinnie w thank you cake Thank you cake Bev Sheldon Robin Judy Barber, Steve Fabes Carol RalphMarty Louise  Barbara, Dennis, Jean  Anne Marti Marty Rousch and friend Julie and Alan  Don Morgan Lee great 2 Marty Ross Steve Winnie Group 8 men great