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Our worship service takes place at 10:00 am Sunday mornings in our welcoming sanctuary, with warm redwood paneling, dramatic vaulted ceilings, wooden chandeliers, leaded glass windows, and clerestory windows above.

And worship is often a creative, fun, reflective, and participatory experience, with meditation, prayer, laughter, dialogue, music, and, on occasion, drama or dance. Our readings come from several inspirational sources, including the Christian Bible, sacred texts of other religions, and poetry and prose from secular sources that speak to spiritual experience.

On the first Sunday of the month, we offer communion, which is always open to everyone.

We have an excellent choir and the musical offerings include organ and choral music, hymns, Taize chants, gospel, and secular pieces. You’re also likely to hear CD’s with bluegrass, folk, and contemporary songs.
More music . . .

While you may see a traditional flavor in some elements of the service, you never know what surprises might await you! We’re a progressive church, which is reflected in the eclectic, un-dogmatic, often unorthodox nature of our worship service.

The dialogue between the pastor and the congregation that follows the sermon is a unique part of the service. It is an opportunity to add to the sermon, provide insights on the topic, and increase the richness of the message. Sometimes the best things reveal themselves in the dialogue.

We invite everyone to join in our worship, our communion, and our extended SPC family. Everyone includes believers and agnostics, conventional Christians and questioning skeptics, gay and straight, rich and poor, females and males, Jews and Gentiles, the despairing and the hopeful, and any other descriptor that may fit you.

All are welcome, all the time.