Wow! Paul Mowry wins the Marin County Human Rights Commission Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award January 12, 2017  See below for photos and description from Jill Fugaro and Joe Silverman.

Coming Together: An Inauguration Day Interfaith Gathering, Jan. 20, 2017

Congressman Jared Huffman, Pastor Paul Mowry, and several other community and spiritual leaders presented an inspiring event.

Paul said, “We are the ones to take on this great work. We are the ones to build the bridges, to tear down the walls of tyranny. We are the ones, in the words of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, to keep hope alive.

There were six candles lit representing Religious Freedom, Immigration Rights, Protecting the Environment and Defending Progress on Addressing Climate Change, LGBTQ Rights, Women’s Rights, Youth Empowerment – Our Future

Thank you Blake Hooper! for videotaping the entire event, which is currently on Congressman Jared Huffman’s FaceBook page, here  You can hear Paul specifically at -24.15 in the video. And thank you Jill Fugaro for this terrific photo.

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Lt Stacie Gregory, Supervisor Kate Sears, Paul, Chief John RohrbacherJean, Joe, Paul, Louise, Ellie

Left: Lt. Stacie Gregory, Supervisor Kate Sears, Pastor Paul Mowry, and Chief John Rohrbacher. 
                          Right: Jean Patterson, Joe Silverman, Paul Mowry, Louise Forbush, and Ellie Mowry-Silverman

Jill Fugaro writes, “Proud of Pastor Paul Mowry winning the Marin County Human Rights Commission’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award today (January 12, 2017). Congratulations Paul, and thanks to Jean (Patterson) and Louise (Forbush) for nominating Paul. The world is a better place because of him.”

Joe Silverman writes, “I’m proud and inspired by the love, compassion, and the dedication that Paul Mowry has for every person he meets. His being honored tonight with the (Marin Commission on Human Rights) Humanitarian award was a keen acknowledgement of all that he strives to be, and of his deep generosity.”



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Saturday February 11 at 1:30 pm
Celebration of Life for our beloved brother Conrad Jorgensen


Read Paul’s moving description of Conrad here 







Sunday, Jan. 8, Don Koc sent this photo and message,

“Through , rain, snow, sleet, and hail……………….. the post office has nothing on Hank. Hank taking care of business with the (Alta Mira) clicker in Sunday’s storm.  Amazing ! You Da Man!”




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From our pastor, Rev. Paul Mowry
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